David's Pegacast - Episode 01 - Turn On

King David introduces the podcast and comments on his beard and recent vacation to Rainbow Land.

Music: Hardcore Short Circuit, Warm Bodies On This Starbase*, Baby Welcome 2 The Neighborhood, Call Me (feat. Timber!)*, Let's Take It Back 2 The Village (instrumental), My Funky Bone Pit*

Check out Star Control 2, an amazing old-school pc game that has gone open-source.

Check out Timber!, the man, the band, the man, the band...

*including audio from pc game Star Control 2.


Unknown said...

King David please contact me at me at info@imaginefilmcompany.com. I have an idea for a music video (possibly free of charge) if you're down.

King David said...

@Unknown: cool, I will check it out. Possibly free sounds possibly good, as I don't have a lot of gold coins left over after my last vacation.

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