King David's Bible Trivia (demo 4.18.12)

Play the demo:

Controls: press [z] to jump, press twice to "prayer"-jump ;)

Info: Bible trivia expert King David has found himself in a bind. He's stuck in the depths of Hades and must climb his way out. Along the way he'll jump over chasms, climb some stairs, climb some ladders, stub his toe, and DIE over and over!

Also, he might memorize a few Bible verses and collect some gold coins. More on that in future updates!



Louel said...

aaaah this game is hard...!! 20 minutes straight playing this and the last staircase in #3-Stairway to Heaven ALWAYS STUBS KING DAVID'S FRIGGIN' TOE!!! :-(
Madness I tell you! >.<

Barry Brinegar said...

I agree! There's an updated version here:

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